Chimney Repairs Wicklow

Chimney Repairs Co. Wicklow. Chimneys are too often overworked and overlooked. However when a chimney has problems it can quickly become a major problem. This is why Wicklow Roofers provide a repair service on all types of chimneys in and around the Wicklow area.

All our chimney repairs in Wicklow are carried out to the highest standards. 10 Year guarantee on all our chimney repairs. We can fix, repair or rebuild any style chimney. We can install chimney guards to stop birds nesting in your chimney.


The flashing that is around a chimney can become quite a large problem if it becomes loose or damaged. This can lead to a lot of damage internally around the chimney area. For example causing cracks on the chimney itself, allowing water to enter the structure around it and not allowing the heat from the fire below to safely move out.

chimney repairs



Brickwork around a chimney can also degrade over time from the Irish weather or the heat that is generated by the chimney itself. If you think your chimney is developing problems, call the professionals now at Wicklow Roofers.

Your chimney should be assessed on a yearly basis to make sure it is functioning correctly and it is still structurally sound. We provide a free assessment service in Wicklow. Call us now to schedule a free on site visit where we can assess your chimney.