Ridge Tile Repairs


Ridge Tile Repairs

Wicklow Roofing experts repair all types of Ridge Tile Repairs in Wicklow. Our qualified team can repair and replace any damaged ridge tiles, while doing so in a manner that is efficient, professional and safe. We offer a free 7 day call out to all our clients providing an on site quotation free of charge.

We provide a clear and accurate break down of our services letting you understand how long the work will take and the steps involved in the work. We have been operating in Wicklow for over 20 years and have built a reputation for fast, reliable and quality workmanship through these areas. We provide an emergency call out service 7 days a week for clients who require an emergency service for a leaking roof.

  • Slipped Ridge Tiles

  • Loose Ridge Tiles

  • Damaged Ridge Tiles

  • New Ridge Tiling

At Wicklow Roofing Experts, we undertake all types of roofs repairs including ridge tile repairs, ridge tile installations, replacing damaged ridge tiles and more. All ridge tile repair work is backed by a 10 year repair guarantee. New ridge tile installations carry a 25 year guarantee.

If you have damaged ridge tiles or require a professional opinion, give us a call. Free on site visits and no obligation quotations on all types of roofing repairs in Wicklow.